September support staff positions across London, required ASAP

£70-£85 per day

Hard to believe September is almost upon us and with it comes the start of an exciting new academic year.

Are you all set for September or are still looking for a position?

Here at Bond Education we have an abundance of positions available across North, East, South and West London, Tower Hamlets and Newham, Barking and Dagenham.

The positions vary across the key stages from Nursery through to year 6.

This is just a small selection of some of the positions available:

Newham-6x class TA, 6x SEND support, 2x behaviour support, 3x HLTA, 4x nursery nurses.
Newham-2x learning mentor, 1-1 severe Dyslexia support, 2x ADHD support.
Newham-3x 1-1 Autistic Spectrum/Aspergers support, 2x EAL support.
Tower Hamlets-2x HLTA, 5x class TA, 4x SEND support, 3x 1-1 Global Delay support.
Tower Hamlets-2x emotional/behavioural support, 1-1 DI-George Syndrome Specialist.
North London-5x class TA, 5x SEND support, 2x HLTA, 2x behaviour support, 3x 1-1 support.
South London-4x class TA, 3x HLTA, 3x SEND support, 2x 1-1 support.
West London-3x class TA, 2x HLTA, 4X SEND support, 3x nursery nurses.
Barking/Dagenham-2x class TA, 3x SEND support, 3x 1-1 support, 2x behaviour support.
Barking/Dagenham-2x 1-1 Autistic Spectrum Disorder Specialist support.
Redbridge-2x class TA, 2x SEND support, 2x 1-1 support, 2x HLTA, 1x ADHD Support.
Waltham Forest- 2x SEND support, 2x 1-1 support, 2x class TA, 1x HLTA
Havering-3x class TA, 2x SEND support, 2x nursery nurses, 1-1 BSL support.

Schools are looking to receive CV’s ASAP for trial days and for September start.
Don’t delay, Email your up to date CV to Michele as soon as possible

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