Why Work in Sales

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Why Work in Sales
A career in sales can often be quite rewarding for those who wish to pursue it. A number of companies will need a salesperson and sales manager to help them maintain a good income and increase profit, in a wide range of different industries.
There are different kinds of level in sales you can work in. For example, graduates looking for jobs in sales will come across business to business (B2B) selling rather than business to consumer (B2C) jobs. As well as entry level jobs there are training programmes that can help advance graduates into a higher level sales role also.
Fast-track management programmes are designed to enable highly suitable candidates to realise their management potential within a specific time frame. Over a period of time, fast-trackers will learn about the role before becoming a Sales Manager or a Team Manager. These unique training schemes enable you to develop leadership skills quickly.
Regardless of being a recent graduate or starting a new career path, people will start at the same level as a sales executive in an office. Sale executives are required to answer queries, offer advice and introduce clients to new products. Career progression from there is based on your performance levels.
With a few years experience as a sales executive you will most likely be able to progress in your career to become a key account manager in sales, where you will have the responsibility of managing a few of the companies biggest customers and also looking after the main products. From there, it is possible to move into more of a management role as a Senior Sales Manager, then Regional Manager prior to moving on to become National Sales Manager and finally Sales Director.
Both Regional and National Sales Manager roles are more for larger companies that have various offices situated throughout the country. While smaller companies with only one office will typically bypass the roles of a Regional and National Sales Manager and incorporate a Team Leader into their structure, before becoming a Sales Manager.
Why Should I Work in Sales?

There are many benefits to working in a sales career, these are:
• Independence: Working in sales requires targets to be set and achieved each month. The aim is to over-exceed the target. You will have the independence to work towards your goal; it is always your own responsibility to show significant performance and sales independence offers the opportunity to work on your initiative.
• Earning Potential: Jobs in sales mean that the harder you work the more money you will earn. You do get rewarded from working hard, while in other careers you will often do a lot more extra work, including overtime and end up not getting paid extra for this.
• Acknowledgment: When you do well in selling, your results are displayed so that everyone can see them. This means that you will be recognised for your efforts from others in the company and not just the boss. This can be a great motivational tool.
• Problem solving: A sales person is required to identify the client’s needs and problems to provide them with the best solution to the issue.
• Career prospects: As with most businesses, they rely a lot on their income generated through sales. Therefore a successful salesperson is able to progress in their career even when switching company or even industry. Their skills are relevant in all industries.
• Personal development: There is a huge range of resources for salespeople to continually learn from. There are workshops, books and training programmes put in place to allow improvement in sales skills.
• Variety: Many people say how sales is a job that is never boring, there are many job sectors to explore. It is filled with many opportunities to take advantage of. Each day will be slightly different and will always be filled with excitement and change. But, be aware this kind of job can be stressful at times.
• Stability and job security: Companies will always require a sales department. Therefore in times where they are required to cut back in departments, those in sales will most likely not be affected as they will be needed the most to drive the business forward.
• Career prospects: With skills in sales, it makes it much easier to progress to becoming a sales manager. There are also roles such as working in business administration because of the transferable skills learnt through working in sales. Managing budgets, improving time management, public speaking and learning to be an entrepreneur can all be developed when working in sales.
• Compensation: In exchange for getting high wages, there are a number of other benefits such as commissions or bonuses. Sales managers will often work long hours but this is covered by a compensation package such as access to a company car, company-provided mobile phone or an automobile allowance.
• New product development: A sales manager can provide a wealth of information into what customers want. They are able to provide recommendations to management for new ideas or expansion of existing products/services. This all helps to developing your own work portfolio.
• Direct customer/client contact: Working as a sales manager means that you will serve as a figure of contact for customers and clients of the company. The management will relieve the need to deal with sales issues that are bought up, as a sales manager will be able to handle them directly which means you will be able to take a lead on issues and take on more responsibility which makes the job more fulfilling.
• You get to wear smart attire: Many people may dislike having to be in corporate “business wear” however a sales role enables you to wear this and by doing this it presents a confident image.
• Strategic decision making: Working in sakes enables you to have a say, advising on markets, products and services. Through strategic decision making you can be involved in market research, product management, marketing and advertising.
• Networking: If you are able to show you are a strong leader and a profitable source you are more likely to be chosen to represent the company at networking events and conferences. Businesses rely on a person who knows how to “talk the talk” and grow the business to reach out and make their brand known. They need a person who has strong communication skills and negotiation skills to be the face of the business, which means you might get to attend exclusive company events.

Please call Sian on 07538 0838 73 or email sbuckler@bondrecruitment.com

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